Friday, March 12, 2010

A Community Dreams Campaign

Here's a sneak peak at a local community project we're working on (in our own backyard). The idea is to facilitate people's dream discovery-nurture-act (DNA) process through a community / church sponsored web site. A full media campaign would promote it and drive traffic to the web site where there would be online helps to guide someone (specifically children and youth) into writing and posting their dreams.

My hopes is that this would be a forerunner of a complete Dream Center (dream coaching, life coaching, career and business incubator, mentoring, after-school programs, and community arts programs). ...stay tuned.


  1. Imagine a community center where dreams are incubated as a way of life. We're talking about a place where many ministries can collaborate in serving the same population in complementary ways. It's a completely new paradigm for reaching a community!

  2. Sounds like something I would very much like our church involved in. Hope to hear more about this!

  3. We're hoping to bid on some property and build . . . not just a Sunday center but a community center too. Keep us informed on how this develops. It might be perfect for a church like ours, once we reach that point.

    JP Bohanan
    CrossWalk Community UMC, York, PA

  4. We're building a broad community base for the Dream Center so it will truly represent and engage all local cultures.

    Some ideas so far: 1) online dream building tools, 2) life coaching and persoanl dream portfolios, 3) Youth Empowerment Studio (YES) to engage youth and their dreams using music and video production and the arts, 4) youth Community Asset Surveying project, 5) Oral Histories Project (young people documenting people's stories with sound, video, photography, art and writng), 6) Summer Of Service prorams, 7) End of Summer Dream Fest, 8) youth and young adult Business Incubator, 9) Conversation Cafe, and 10) Mentoring and after-school programs.

    Have you heard of other good community engagement ideas and especially those that strive to empower individual, family, and community dreams?

    Tell us what you are doing or have heard about?

  5. As a congregation, we love our kids and take seriously the idea that "a little child shall LEAD them". So, the YES and Oral History projects look like a good fit. Life coaching doesn't really resonate with our more hard-nosed, blue collar crowd.