Monday, January 14, 2013

The Coming 'Senior Tsunami.'
...and what it can mean to your church.

God is never surprised.  There are so many pressing social problems and rising ministry needs: we are in the middle of a recession, giving is down, loans are impossible to get.  While we see ministry opportunities left and right, there are seemingly few dollars to fund them.  But I guess that's where creativity steps in.

There's another wave (more like a tsunami) about to hit in full force. And on the surface it would seem to just add to our overstretched ministry budgets.  

10,000 Boomers hit retirement age each day!  These seniors come from all walks of life... the poor, middle class, and wealthy. A disproportionate number of them have substantial savings and assets and we are about to see a great transfer of this wealth to the next generation and to the causes they believe in.

Boomers have dramatically altered every age trend they entered and retirement will be no different.  In fact, as a group they hate the word "retirement."  They see this phase of life not as perpetual R&R, but as a time to focus on unfinished dreams.  There is tremendous potential to empower them in the legacy calling of their life.  The answer to all those pressing social problems just might be the full empowerment of this 'senior tsunami.'

Another idea that Boomers dislike is that of a "retirement home" or "retirement community."  But here's an idea.  What if retirement communities were more like "dream centers" or "dream incubators" for those unfinished dreams?

How big is the need for for senior housing?  Here's a snapshot of the need for independent living and assisted living communities in the U.S. ... the emerging need is unbelievable... so big in fact, one would almost say it is impossible to meet.

To meet demand the current supply would have to double every year!  The good news is that this represents a great opportunity for churches which are perfectly suited to provide the ministry component of a sound plan, and become the beneficiary of the right kind of business-as-mission partnership.

We found a very experienced, kingdom-minded business group that has a far-reaching missional vision and one of the best models for a church and business partnership that we have seen.  The plan calls for 5 acres or more of unused land (on or off premises) and requires no capital investment by the church!  Click here to learn more.  ... but just for a moment... think of the potential for your church, for ministry... for your own legacy dreams.

The vision for this dynamic business/ministry partnership is to change the way senior care is done.  As evidenced in so many biblical examples, we believe God has something far different in mind then is typically offered to our aging population. We envision senior care that is honoring, inspiring, and empowering, one that gives seniors a time to focus on what 
could be the greatest period in their lives -- time mending family relations, looking back to document their story, and looking ahead to unfinished dreams. This can be a time for mentoring others and imparting wisdom leadership to the people and initiatives that matter 

That's the kind of dynamic community I'd like to live in myself! about you?

"Here I am today, eighty-five years old!  I am still as strong today as the day Moses sent me out; I'm just as vigorous to go out to battle now as I was then.  Now give me this mountain that the LORD promised me that day." -- Caleb to Joshua (Joshua 14:11-12)