Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Easter in the era of "whatever"

In a recent brainstorm with some 20-30 year olds, we sought to rethink a familiar challenge, one that usually goes like this... When Easter rolls around the churches in America face a major dilemma: One one hand, Easter is probably the most effective time of the year to raise their profile (fishing when the fishing is good). On the other hand, the US population who still have favorable memories or understand the meaning of Easter is a diminishing audience. Though it remains one of the best times of the year to build awareness (and attendance) we searched for a way that also speaks with relevance to this growing sector. We had these goals for it: 1) it had to connect to an authentic felt need, and 2) do it in a clear and simple way, and 3) be seen as coming from real, unpretentious, caring people.

This led to the development of the Don't Change A Thing campaign.
Here are a few examples (the rest can be found on the Breakthrough site). I will be posting more ads and photos here and would love your feedback on them.

Don't Change A Thing. ... If It Changes Who You Really Are.
... and some suggested reverse side text:
Everyday we encounter pressures to conform, to approach life-change as an outside-in acquisition of principles and social norms, rather than an inside-out process of becoming our true selves. The Bible contrasts a life of conforming with a life that's transforming. It speaks of regeneration, renewal of our minds, and being reborn. But the fact is, it's far easier to cave in to expectations. It takes courage to live out of your true heart and follow the dreams you were meant to fulfill. If you're looking for people who will treasure the real you and support you in your journey, we'd like to be that people. A new day is dawning, and we can begin this Easter to resurrect the life we were meant to live... lives not meant to conform to the world, but transform it!
I've posted a few of these in the: Portfolio, but ideas for other target audiences (by way of their photo representation on the cover) could go in many interesting directions. Where would you want to go?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Idea Starters

I'm working on some new campaign ideas...sure love to get some advance feedback (here or by email). These pieces are part of an ongoing development for use in engaging a community (families, kids, youth) to awaken God-given dreams and begin conversations and dream-coaching relationships. Do they spark ideas in you?